Untold secrets to happiness

5 habits that will change your mindset

Happiness is not always there. There are tough periods in life where you feel constantly down and emotionally drained. Right after one of those times I started implementing new habits that really helped me changing my mindset, and going from a frown to a smile!

It may be hard when you start, but long-term benefits are priceless and your physical and mental health will drastically improve!

#1 habit – Don’t be too serious about things

Taking things easy and being able to laugh about everything is one of the best habits you can make yours.

At work, at home or when you hang out with friends, see if you can spend most of the time staying genuinely happy. Laughter is the best medicine and in fact it has many physical benefits, such as decreasing stress hormones and improving immune system. Furthermore it triggers the release of endorphins, which promote an overall sense of well-being.

Guys, take it easy, it’s the best!

#2 habit – be grateful

When you feel bad or frustrated about something, start asking yourself what you’re grateful for in life or in that day and it will relieve your mood immediately. It may be your family, your job, your cat purring at you and so on. It could be anything and even in the worst situation there’s always at least one answer!

Practising gratitude means also realising how many things that we take for granted are, in fact, a blessings in life.

#3 habit – embrace impermanence

Change is part of everyone’s life. Sometimes we choose it, to make our life better (moving abroad, getting married), sometimes we are completely helpless and it just happens (the loss of a loved one or a job).

This is what impermanence is.

And it’s a totally natural process, that we face everyday. Embracing the change and realising that it’s not only meant to mess up with our life is the best way to deal with it.

These are the main habits that have had the biggest and most positive impact on my life recently, which ones are yours?

The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want

by Sonja Lyubomirsky

I like when books that are based on solid scientific research. This is one of them. Also it gives you strategies you can actually experiment and easy practices to implement in your daily life to really improve your happiness.

#4 habit – move that body!

Working out is not just about weight loss or getting toned. Regular exercise can have a positive effect on your mind. Twenty minutes every day do wonders to relieve tension, anxiety and stress. It will also boost your energy levels and increase your sleep quality!

Yoga is a wonderful and complete workout that shapes the body like nothing else and relieves from stress, negativity and depression.

#5 habit – meditate

Meditation is something I try to incorporate into my routine every day. At night, after a long working day, I feel lighter and reassured after my 15 minutes of meditation. And among the other benefits, I feel more energised and focused on the day after.

When you’re going to bed put the earphones on and listen to some mantras or ambient music (see my playlist here). Close the eyes, focus on the breath while you scan your body from the toes to the head. Enjoy that soothing feeling. It’s that simple yet effective!

These are the main habits that have had the biggest and most positive impact on my life recently, which ones are yours?

Beginner’s Body Scan Meditation

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