How to prepare for a private yoga class

and what’s so special about it

You just booked your first private yoga class and you’re not sure what you need. Or maybe you’re curious about the benefit of a private yoga session. If this is something you might be interested in, keep reading 🙂


Private yoga classes are generally held at the student’s home. Carefully consider how much space you need and how much space you actually have.

In terms of numbers, it’s required least 2m x 1m (6.5feet x 3.3feet) per person. You can always move surrounding furniture out of reach to make room and it’s actually vital to do that so you won’t hit anything during practice.

Basic equipment

  • Non-slippery yoga mat
  • 2 blocks
  • A strap
  • Bottle of water – please avoid plastic and maybe consider using a steel one
  • Towel

If this is the beginning of your yoga journey, I would recommend investing in a good yoga mat. Doing this will allow your mind to take the practice more seriously. You can find pretty decent mats without spending a fortune, like this from Yogamatters or this rubber one from Iuga.

It’s very easy to use substitutes around your home for other yoga gear. For example, you can use a belt in replacement of a yoga strap and a couple of books to replace yoga blocks!

If the private yoga session is held at a studio, then you should have all the equipment you need.

Yoga and eat: do not mix!

An important thing to remember is avoiding heavy meals 1-2 hours prior to any kind of practice – even a still meditation. Having food in the digestive system can make it hard to move and focus as the digestive process requires energy.

If you perform poses and transitions right after a meal, the digestive system becomes limited in its capacity to digest, causing nausea, bloating or gas during practice.

If you feel a bit low on energy, have a small portion of easily-digestible food like a fruit or some yogurt 30-45 minutes before practice.

What to expect

Better guidance

The beauty of a private session is that I don’t have to divide my attention over a whole group! I can really focus on your practice so you can get a better alignment and enhanced benefits. In a private yoga class we work with your body – not against it – and at your own pace.

Working towards a goal

Desire to be more flexible, struggling with your balance in a challenging asana or maybe working towards a better posture. In a private class the flow will be tailored to your exigencies and well-being goals, creating a solid base for you to progress faster.

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