Finding balance

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create

~ Jana Kingsford

How often have you noticed yourself disconnected from everything around you and overwhelmed by emotions you can’t even name? I feel you.

Maybe you came from a place of stress and discomfort, struggle with anxiety at school or work, bringing home tasks and worries.

Finding the right balance between your personal life and the pile of things you need to do seems just far and unattainable, right? Well, there is something I’d like you to think about. Why do you have to find your balance? Many say this without fully understanding the actual meaning of this expression, which –  side note –  is not exactly true.

Finding balance is hard; where do you even look for it? Into your shattered feelings? Maybe not a great idea. What you should do instead, is create your balance, and this is doable just by making a few adjustments and little changes to switch your mindset.

(Honestly) acknowledge your feelings

You can’t fix a problem without fully understanding it. Therefore, step back, notice what triggers your anxiety, and take time to find out what is serving you and what is not.

Breathe – read this!

Have you ever been busy doing something and, all of a sudden, you realised that you were holding your breath tight? If you’re working too hard and losing clarity, check in with your breath every now and then. In the end, breathing is one of our basic bodily processes and keeps us alive and connected.

Implement an easy-to-follow goal setting practice

If you’re feeling stressed to the point of being overwhelmed, working towards minimising and managing that tension might be a great goal.
Taking small, concrete steps and rewarding yourself along the way are necessary methods to get tangible results. You might also consider journalling an excellent complement to this practice, as this will help you track your progress.

Check out my Goal Planner – now available in the printed version – to quickly start setting and tracking your goals!

Practice self-compassion

Try not to be too harsh with yourself. Recognise that you’re doing your best and give yourself room to fail. It is absolutely okay to be there.

Here you have it, my small tips for a more balanced approach to everyday life. You might try them and see what happens – and don’t forget to let me know! Taking the time to create balance in your life will serve you and everyone around you as well.

Oh, and below is a little collection of books I find incredibly interesting.

Also, let me know if there is any other tip you’d like to share with the community!


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