Private yoga classes in SE16

Book private yoga classes in South East London. As a professional and qualified yoga instructor in London, Larthia offers all-level one-on-one yoga sessions at home, tailored to your needs. Enjoy private yoga classes in Rotherhithe.

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Welcome to your journey toward your true self!

My name is Larthia, I’m here to share self-care practices to enrich your life and nourish every aspect of your well-being. Through mindful movement, meditation and breathwork, I will help you get physically and mentally stronger and more flexible, manage chronic pain and better deal with stress and anxiety.

I will also teach you how to easily flow into those impossible-looking poses with ease and grace and my aim is to decode those postures, one step at the time, to truly understand their mechanics.

I specialise in teaching group and private classes, as well as workplace and corporate yoga in London and surrounding areas.

Love Yoga or curious to try? Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my students blossoming in their practice and getting incredible benefits out of it!

Trainings & Certifications

500hr Ashtanga Vinyasa from Yoga London | 300hr Yoga Therapy from Sampoorna Yoga Goa
Yin Yoga from Sampoorna Yoga | Mandala Flow from The Yoga People | Yoga for Anxiety from Yoga London

Fun, dynamic & relaxing yoga classes in London

My classes are designed to both challenge and inspire you!

While I love the dynamism of the asana practice, I am also committed to studying and sharing the deeper parts of yoga.
You’ll get not only a great workout, but also an opportunity to still your mind and connect with your authentic self.

In-person & online yoga classes

Group, private and corporate yoga sessions
Vinyasa Flow
Open level class

A dynamic open-level class where students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Designed to build strength, improve flexibility and encourage a sense of focus and quietness.

Power Mandala Flow
Class Level  ●●●●○

In this fun, dynamic practice we move revolving around the mat as we flow through strong poses, arm balances and inversions. Designed to target specific areas of the body and linked to specific elements of nature.

Yin Yoga
Class Level  ●○○○○

A slow passive practice where the postures are held for a longer period of time – anything from 1 to 6 mins – to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. It is the perfect way to unwind, allowing for a restful sleep.

Yoga Foundations
Class Level  ●○○○○

Perfectly suited for beginners and and first timers, this class unfolds the foundations of yoga postures and breath control. You will get the perfect alignment for each pose the basis to build your own practice.

Gentle Flow
Class Level  ●●○○○

A gentle and rejuvenating yoga class at a steady pace aimed at opening up space in the body, releasing tension and relaxing the mind. Poses are mainly floor-based, reclined or seated with few standing ones.

Yoga Therapy
Tailored on your needs

This practice targets a particular condition and usually includes asanas, use of props such as chairs and straps, breath control and meditation. Great to prevent different ailments and to reduce some of their symptoms.

I also offer Kids, Senior and Chair Yoga classes in London. Get in touch for further information.

Private & corporate yoga in London and surroundings

Get inspired and empowered

Private classes

I tailor one-to-one sessions to each student’s needs and conditions, experience level, and personal goals; be it relaxation, strength, flexibility or confidence. I come right to you with all the equipment, making it comfortable and convenient to take yoga at your place*.

Every session is different, but be assured that you will feel inspired and energised afterwards! Classes last 60 or 75 minutes and include some meditation or breathwork, followed by the asana practice and ending with the final relaxation.

*If you don’t have enough room, I am happy to provide exclusive studio space at an additional cost.

Corporate Yoga

I’ve been working with start-ups and corporate clients throughout London for two years, providing fully customisable sessions, either as one-time events or as part of ongoing wellness offerings to the employees.

Yoga and Meditation classes are excellent vehicles for bringing co-workers together, and as well as for addressing and improving the wellness and health of fellow employees, regardless of what industry you’re in.

Yoga at your workplace is a great way to reduce stress and increase energy while decreasing sickness absence.

As part of my services, I also provide Condo Yoga classes in London.

Offering yoga classes at your building regularly is a low-cost, modern and innovative way to offer local residents a sense of community, health and wellness. Get in touch for further information.

Get in touch

Contact me for any further information about studio, group and yoga classes in London, or to inquire about availability and prices.

Kind words

From happy students

Had a great start to my day with a morning class ^_^
Larthia offered the most fun and encouraging beginner class I have ever been to as a newbie to Yoga. I loved that she gave me options, very good clear cues and she is always smiling!

Li Jing Z.

My husband and I have been taking online private sessions with Larthia for over a year, and she is just amazing. She is encouraging, patient, and extremely knowledgeable about yoga and anatomy and body alignment. We can’t speak highly enough about her classes!

Lily B.

We are a mixed-level group and Larthia provided us with the perfect class. She offered much easier alternatives for beginners and more challenging poses for intermediate practitioners. Everyone loved it! Thank you!

Sophia L.

I love Larthia’s online classes! Her cues are very detailed and clear, and her adjustments are on point. I started to notice improvements in my posture and alignment in a few weeks – I have scoliosis so I am really happy about it! My mood and confidence have also improved, I just wish I started to practice yoga sooner! Thank you!

Beth W.

I just wanted to share some feedback from our session this week and share a huge THANK YOU to Larthia for leading us through her yoga class.Larthia made the session inclusive by adapting the flow to suit our capabilities, offered gentle words of encouragement and created a space that was calming and centering with her music and aromatherapy oils. I really believe that the instructor has an outsized influence on the enjoyment of a class, and I really appreciate the setting Larthia created for us!

Lia E. - GWI London
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