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My name is Larthia, I am a certified yoga teacher and I offer open-level, entertaining & inspirational group and private classes.

I also provide friendly and inclusive corporate yoga sessions, which are a great way to improve workplace’s energy and increase productivity. It’s also great to reduce back pain, stress and fatigue, helping concentration and ability to multi-task.

Get to know me

I am a 500-RYT yoga teacher. I have been practising yoga since 2009 and got my teacher certification in the summer of 2019.

No, I did not come out of the womb as a brilliant gymnast, nor did I do years of ballet as a child. It is thanks to my yoga practice that I gained flexibility and strength.

Besides yoga I have a passion for anything anatomy-related and always bring little anecdotes and tips into my classes.

I teach my students how to easily flow into those impossible-looking poses with ease and grace and my aim is to decode those postures, one step at the time, to truly understand their mechanics.

I also love to help people to manage chronic pain and to better deal with stress and anxiety. Nothing brings me more joy than to see my students blossoming in their yoga practice and getting incredible benefits out of it!

Feel free to contact me directly via email at to learn more about my classes. Also, be sure to follow my Facebook and Instagram!

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